Rhythmic Gymnastics = Pretzel


So I don’t have a third period yet, not until next week. My friends and I get somewhat bored just sitting around. So Stephen Larson drove Chelsea, Sandra and me to Subway to get food then to Iceberg for shakes. It was fun! At Iceberg we watched the Olympics. The even was rhythmic gymnastics. At first I only saw a girl holding a hula-hoop, and I got super excited, thinking that hula-hooping as become an Olympic sport. Needless to say, she did NOT hula-hoop with it.

Instead she flung it about and twirled it around. All the while contorting and bending in ways that humans should not move. It was to music, and I suppose it was supposed to be a dance, a very beautiful dance, but all I could think of was a pretzel playing with a hula-hoop. All the girls were disgustingly flexible. I mean it’s okay that some people can do the splits or even that some people can bend over backwards without throwing their backs into places they shouldn’t be thrown, resulting in loss of movement. But these girls were beyond flexible. They were pretzel-able. One girl from China (I think) bent over backwards and looked as if she was going to simply place her hands on the ground. Instead she kept bending and bending and bending until she was a little ball with her head by her butt and her stomach in the air. The she gracefully kicked her legs over herself and laid flat on her stomach. Then, with graceful movements, she proceeded to lay with her legs completely flat, butt facing up, and torso completely perpendicular to the ground.

Upon watching each girl twist and move her body like that I nearly threw up my shake.

The best part was when the same girl that I mentioned before played with her jump rope. (I told Stephen that instead of jumping rope in football they should all take up rhythmic gymnastics, outfits and all.) She threw it to the ground and it bounced back to her! I don’t mean it flopped, I mean full on, bounce back! It had to be the second most incredible thing I’ve seen in these summer Olympics (the first being Phelps’ races).



~ by Morgan Mikel on August 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Rhythmic Gymnastics = Pretzel”

  1. wow. thats… sick. haha. great stuff. wish i could’ve gone to subway with you then. that sounded fun.

  2. It was pretty fun, I wish you could have come too. Maybe another time. =) Yea, it was pretty sick…blech!

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